Back to Global Conversations 2.14: Diana de Cadaval d’Orleans, Portuguese Noble and Author

Melissa Biggs Bradley talks with Her Royal Highness Princess Diana of Orléans about Portuguese royal history—and the importance of preserving family heritage and cultural traditions. Plus, her passion for writing historical fiction, Covid’s impact on travel, her favorite places in the Alentejo, travel to Portugal in the past, present and future, and more.

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In this episode, we introduce Diana de Cadaval, who Melissa met when Indagare did an Insider Journey to Portugal in partnership with Architectural Digest in the fall of 2019. Diana, like a lot of women, leads a few lives, and in her case, beyond being a wife and mother, she is an author and historian and has written five books. And even beyond her books, which are often on aristocratic subjects, she draws on another life she leads, as she is by birth the 11th Duchess of Cadaval and her husband is a French prince of the house of Orleans, who is also the Duke of Anjou. 

You don’t have to know or follow any of that to appreciate that Diana is a wonderful person to spend time with–especially when the topic is Portugal. So after Indagare’s wonderful Insider Journey to Portugal, where Diana hosted Melissa and her group multiple times during the trip, at two different family palaces, we were so excited to invite her to sit in conversation with Melissa for our series, and we hope you’ll enjoy her deep well of knowledge on all things Portugal.

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