Our Indagare Community Commitment and Code of Conduct

At Indagare, we believe in the power of travel to move us by offering different perspectives and to have a positive impact on the places we visit. We call our team of trip planners “designers,” because that’s what they do.

Indagare is dedicated to creating an environment of mutual respect between our members, trip designers, and our partners around the world.

The Indagare Promise

We promise to:

  • Serve as your trusted advisor and help you develop a lifetime of meaningful travels.
  • Tailor custom trip itineraries to your style and preferences.
  • Scout and source recommendations and experiences that you can trust.
  • Find ways to make your trip memorable and meaningful, by providing special access, personalized recommendations and hand-picked guides and experiences.
  • Support sustainable tourism and guide you to be responsible stewards of the world’s resources and respectful of local cultures and customs.

The Member Promise

The Member Promise

I promise to:

  • Uphold Indagare’s standard of global citizenship and code of conduct when I travel with Indagare.
  • Treat members of the Indagare community—its staff, my team, partners around the world and my fellow members—with respect.
  • Respect the Indagare team’s time: when my intended plans change, I will inform my team as soon as possible.
  • Review important travel documents and information provided in a timely manner, especially guidelines, entry and testing requirements or protocols, deposits, insurance and cancellations.
  • Acknowledge that travel can be unpredictable and trust that Indagare is doing everything possible to ensure that my travel experience is seamless.
  • Be patient when unexpected situations arise.
  • Adhere to agreed upon terms and conditions and cancellation policies (Custom Planner Members) as required by Indagare.

Trip-Planning Guidelines

Itinerary-Planning and Creation: We are grateful that you have chosen to work with Indagare. Our Trip Designers are here to help map out a lifetime of memorable travels for you and are eager to discuss your long-term plans, goals and destination wishlists. We provide travel guidance and brainstorming, but unlike some agencies, we don’t charge our members for drafting their itineraries, and we spend time specifically tailoring them to your individual preferences and needs. If you request that your Trip Designer check availability, hold space or craft a personalized itinerary proposal, we expect that there is firm interest in confirming the trip, as requested. Indagare puts our best effort into every client inquiry with the intention to book exceptional experiences for our members. If you are considering self-booking or booking your trip through another provider, we ask that you make us aware of this before you request your custom itinerary or ask that Indagare hold space on your behalf. Our team provides rate checks for each destination and trip, within reason, but we also ask that members be considerate of our team’s time when requesting a range of property and pricing options. Indagare also reserves the right to decline assistance, should you request a proposal from our team and make your booking two or more times through an alternate provider.

Hours of Operation: Indagare’s business hours are Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST. While our team is always monitoring your travels and is available in cases of emergencies, we ask that you respect and operate within our standard business hours and response times. We will always acknowledge receipt of your requests, but expect that our members practice patience. Expectations of the Indagare teams’ response times and availability should be informed by Indagare’s standard hours of operation.

Lead Time: Please help us deliver on our brand promise by giving Indagare ample lead time to plan your travels, and by respecting our need to decline to assist when we do not have the lead time required to execute a trip that meets our mutual standards of excellence. Factors such as destination and time of year will affect lead time requirements for trip planning.

Cancellations, Fees, and Insurance: Indagare has built incredible relationships with our hotel and on-the-ground partners, and we will always advocate for our members to make sure that they are given the best service, special perks and amenities. Many people assume that because of these relationships we can negotiate with hotels for policy exceptions or to reduce or waive cancellation fees. We must respect our global partners’ policies and we cannot waive cancellation fees for any reason. We encourage our members to purchase travel insurance, so that they are covered in the event of the unexpected. We will always be forthcoming regarding any deposits or cancellation fees, and these policies must be upheld by our members. Likewise, Indagare cannot make exceptions around requiring the signing and acceptance of our, or our partners’, payment schedules or terms and conditions. While we understand that plans can change, life is unpredictable and cancellations happen occasionally, Indagare reserves the right to decline booking assistance, if there is a pattern of trip cancellations or should you cancel a planned trip 3 or more times, consecutively, per year.

Anti-Discrimination Policy: Indagare’s mission is to help our members enrich their lives through travel, while supporting the amazing partners we have throughout the world. Engaging in conscientious travel requires that our members, staff and partners always maintain an environment of respect, tolerance and open-mindedness (and often deference) to different cultures and customs.

Indagare prohibits all unlawful discrimination and harrassment, based on sex/gender or gender expression, race or national origin, religion, disability, age or any other legally protected class. Additionally, we expect that our members, partners and Indagare employees uphold a level of inclusion and respect beyond the minimal legal requirements and do not engage in disrespect of other cultures, stereotyping and other unwelcome conduct. Violations of these tenets will result in termination of membership, employment and/or partnership with Indagare.

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