Chris Volpi, Technology

Front-End Engineer
Chris Volpi is a seasoned professional in the tech industry with a passion for coding and innovation. With over 10 years of experience, he has established a reputation as a highly skilled and self-taught developer. His relentless pursuit of knowledge and dedication to self-improvement has paved the way for his success. Beyond the world of technology, Chris leads a vibrant and diverse life. He is proudly and openly queer, embracing his identity as a beautiful part of who he is. Chris has been married to his wife Kristen since 2009.

In his free time, Chris explores his creativity through various artistic endeavors. Dancing is not just a hobby but a form of self-expression that brings joy and energy to his life that extends to the captivating art of aerial silks, where he finds a sense of freedom and exhilaration high above the ground. To maintain a healthy body and mind, Chris is a regular visitor to the gym. When it comes to relaxing, he does so by knitting and cross-stitching.

With a dynamic mix of technical expertise, artistic pursuits and a deep connection to his queer identity, Chris Volpi is a multifaceted individual who finds balance in both his professional and personal endeavors.

Travel Wishlist:
Sweden, Germany, New Zealand and Appeccio and Piobbico, his ancestral Italian home

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